Mostly Printed CNC Tool Cabinet

I am on a quest to build my own Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Machine. It has been a pursuit of mine for the last three years. I have attempted on some machines only to get to a hurdle that I just give up. However, it is my only priority for the next few months.

To start things off, I am building a dedicated stand as a base for my CNC machine, which will be the Mostly Printed CNC by V1 Engineering. Click the link for information about this machine.

Overall Design

The Design

The design of this tool cabinet will be using 2x4s and plywood for a cost effective project for shop furniture. The 2x4s will be used to make the side panels using rails and stiles with a plywood inset. Then 4 stretchers will be used to connect the two side panels together to create the basic cabinet. Once built the cabinet drawers will be made and placed. My design calls for four main drawers (Two medium and two large). It also has a bits tray at the very top to store…well bits for the CNC.

The Build: Side Panels

To start this build the side panels need to be made since there are the major of the cabinet frame. I bought 2x4s from my local home store. While picking my stock at the store I was looking for the straights and tightest grain I could find. The tighter the rings on the wood the stronger the wood will be.

First, I cut down the 2x4s to get to the rough dimensions required for my plan. I cut it about an inch or two long. This is to account for any human error at this point or possible snipe once I start planing down the material.

After all the 2x4s are cut down to a rough size, I planed down the 2x4s to get rid of the rough sides and rounded edges. This step is completely optional and does not add any strength or benefit in the final product besides cleaning up the face of the wood.

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