Training Day #22

The plan for Monday was an open water swim session. However, I haven’t been swimming for long and turned this session into a pool swim at my university. In this session, I focused on my technique instead of distance. Since I haven’t swum regularly in the past few years, the focus is to get comfortable in the water and improve my breathing technique. The gear I have been using is just an ordinary pair of swim trunks and swim goggles. The university has paddles and kickboards that are free to use, and I did a few laps with each of them to improve my form and practice my leg kicks. Since I have started swimming, my leg kicks have always been the weakest portion of my swimming. I like to use my upper body to swim!

The actual workout was 200 meters of freestyle swimming followed by 200 meters laps repeated twice.  Then a cool down swim of 200 meters  mixed swimming (i.e. any stroke) this is the point I used the paddles and kickboard. This workout totals to 1000 meters of swimming.

Key Learning Points:

1. Slow swimming helps improve form and increases distance with less fatigue
2. I need to improve my swimming kicks


(Credit to the featured image is NCSU Health and Wellness Center)

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