Training Day #29

Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! What do we do? WE SWIM!

Every time I go swimming this song always comes to mind. Thanks, Disney! This week starts out with a nice swim routine. The focus of the workout is to continue to built distance through constant laps. I started with 100 yard of warm up strokes. I used paddles to improve my form and build a little strength in my pool for 50 yards. Then I used the kickboard for 50 yards to work on my kick. I still have trouble doing two things at once, but I’m getting better.

The main part of the workout was 400 yards of continuous laps. This really stretched my endurance and performance on this distance. This is kind of dishearting because I will have to go twice this distance for the upcoming race. Speed is not my friend just slow and steady. I did this for two repetitions and had about 90 rest in-between each set. I ended this workout without one set of the 400 yards due to running a little late to the gym and having homework to do before class. So I ended my workout with a 200 yard freestyle cool down.

Overall, I felt pretty good for this workout. It just pushed my limits for swim endurance, which is great!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Do your homework the night before! Don’t procrastinate!
  2. Swimming is about slow and steady for endurance.

Training Statistics:

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain Calories Burned

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