Swim Day!

It seems that I missed two swim workouts last week due to my schedule not populating correctly on my calendar. However, I’m got back to the pool today! The swim routine was an easy day to build some distance consistently. The workout started with 200 yards of mixed warm-up. The main portion was 200 yards freestyle with a 30-second rest between each repetition. Then a mixed cool-down swim of another 200 yards.

It seems that my watch is not counting my laps correctly because it also tells me I have finished 200 yards, about 15 yards short of the end of the pool. Other than that, this workout was pretty good. I felt great for the entire routine. After my 200 yards warm-up, I did 5x 200 yard swims with the last 100 yards using paddles to work on my form and pull on my strokes. There was a 20-second rest between each 200-yard repetition.  I wanted to use the paddles for more of my main workout, but they seemed to fall apart during early attempts to use them. I have been using the equipment at my school, but I believe it is time to invest in my kit to ensure I get the correct size and function.   My cool-down consisted of using the kickboard to work on my kick for 200 yards.

Overall, I felt perfect for this routine. This swim distance was my longest swim so far.

Key Takeaways:

  1. I need to invest in my swim gear, like paddles and fins.
  2. Eliminating stressors before your training week helps keep you focused on training.

Training Statistics:

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain Calories Burned

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