Training Day #66

Swimming’s Cancelled

So, today swimming is cancelled! Well at least it isn’t by choice. This morning I woke up to many canceled classes for school, and the only reason to go to the university was to go swimming. So, this would be one of the highlights of my day today. I was getting some excellent exercise and stretching out my legs in the pool. All was well when I left home. I ran into some heavy traffic on my way to the university pool, but all was well. I was enjoying my audiobook and looking forward to the swim.

Once I got to the parking garage, I enjoyed my audiobook on the walkover. Finally, I got to my locker and got ready for my workout. As I walked to the pool, the staff had closed the pool until further notice due to unforeseen maintenance issues. So, I had gotten up early and drove to my school only to do one thing, swim, and now it is closed. What a wonderful day! So I guess I’ll try again tomorrow, but I’ll check the website before I leave the house.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Check the pool website to make sure it is open! (Not sure if it would have stated this morning)
  2. Sometimes rest days are placed upon you not scheduled! Enjoy the day!

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